Learning through Play


Learning through Play

             At Jennifer's Joyful Journeys, we focus on the "whole child," which supports all the domains for child development. Jennifer’s Joyful Journeys is a  play-based program.  Meaningful learning includes creating real life experiences through play.

                                             Learning should be special experiences and what children take interest in. 

                                  Play allows children to resolve conflict, keep their curiosity, and build relationships. 

        Our play curriculum supports and focuses on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of children.

                           Our program is also designed to support and provide small group play and individualized care, 

                                                                      which aids in the learning experiences of children.

                Our philosophy is based on the knowledge that children will advance through growth and development, 

                                                            when presented with opportunities that encourage them to 

                                                      explore, create, and problem solve in an age-appropriate environment.